White Paper - US Presidential Election 2020


The US Presidential Election of 2020 are some of the most contested and controversial in recent memory. Americans are suffering the consequences of the Covid-19 virus, economic, political and social unrest. It is in the realm of possibilities that things could get significantly worse after the elections.  

This project was created with the aim of testing the theory, that Uniswap v2, can be used as a complex hedging mechanism for all sorts of events, in this case the aftermath of the Presidential Election of 2002. The elections are so strongly contested that it is believed they will boost the popularity of these twin tokens significantly! 

The Democrat 2020 and Republican 2020 tokens may provide a sort of hedge on the 2020 Presidential Election.

10% of both coins will be allocated to an Ethereum friendly charities of our choice within 3 months after the burn date. The charities chosen will be announced on this site.

The dem20 and rep20 Twin tokens

The Twin Tokens

The twin tokens are ERC-20 compliant. It is not mintable, capped at 331,415,600, representing the US population, and burnable. They are constructed the same with the only difference being the names. 

Detailed info on token.

The Supply

Both coins will have the same supply and allocation till the burn date, which is after 03.11.2020. “Burnable Reserve” will be explained in detail in the next section.

Burnable Reserve

40% of each token will be set aside in a separate wallet. These tokens won’t be airdropped or sold, but instead kept until at least the 03.11.2020 burn date. Burn date and burn rules, will be defined in the section “Burn Date”. After the burn date, the “Burnable Reserve” supply of the winning token will be burnt, and the losing token dumped on Uniswap v2. This should have a positive price effect on the winning token and a negative price effect on the losing token. 

Burn Date

The burn date is after the 03.11.2020. An exact date cannot be given, because it could take a day or more to get a clear winner in the 2020 Presidential Elections. This delay comes about from the current social crisis and Covid-19. However, as soon as a winner is announced, the winning token’s “Burnable Reserve” supply will be burnt. 

Burn Rules

The winning token’s Burnable Reserve supply will be burnt based on the first Presidential Candidate from the 2 major parties, Democrat or Republican, that receives 270 Electoral College votes from the 03.11.2020 onward. For keeping things certain for people owning the token, claims of voter fraud and legal cases will be ignored and only the official decision of the Electoral College votes accepted as fact. The decision to burn will be only based on the Electoral College votes after the 03.11.2020.  

The Hedge

The public sale will be used to supply Uniswap at a rate of 1:1 DEM20 and REP20 tokens so that the market is at equilibrium. Any additional supply added to the supply will be at a 1:1 rate, but due to trading the pool may not necessary stay at the 1:1 ratio. As people trade their tokens the market might fall outside of the equilibrium, making a token pricier than the other. This will be about 30-50% of the public sale. The rest will be used for Airdrops and Bounties.


When the tokens of the winning token are burnt and those of the losing token dumped, the effect of the hedge will materialize, meaning the winning token in theory should go up in value by a significant factor. 


The team will invest in airdrops, bounties and memes being created with the aim to create a large circulation of the token as quickly as possible and to make the token a household name prior to the 2020 Presidential Elections.These Presidential Election of 2020 will be so hotly contested that it will have a high impact on the marketing of the token.


10% of both coins are allocated for charities. After the initial burn is concluded the 10% will be converted to Ether and donated to charities supporting the hardships currently suffered by various groups in America. The team will identify charities that help the most needy of the American community and donate to them. Charities must support Ethereum wallets and the team is happy to take suggestions of charities.

The dev team

The Developer team will receive 20% of both tokens for their effort, time spent and investment into the token.

Project Security

All wallets are held by a trusted and verified single point of contact, eliminating all risks significantly.