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On this website you will learn how to find the best and most trusted online casinos in Canada. This website compiles only the most relevant and up to date information about real money online casinos and how to take advantage of generous bonus promotions.

Is the Online Casino Licensed in Canada?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when choosing an online casino to play at. However, why should you even care? Besides the obvious, that you want to play at a legal casino, a casino that is not licensed to operate in Canada can be forced to close all Canadian accounts and you could lose any bonuses and benefits acquired without compensation.

The other less obvious reason is, an online casino license is not easy to obtain, and it costs a considerable amount of money. The casino license acts as a high entry cost into the online casino space that keeps many unprofessional or unscrupulous players out. Before an online casino can apply for a casino license, it must be incorporated, have its directors vetted, follow regional and international corporate and financial laws. The online casino license is also strictly regulated by the country where it is issued and without the license the online casino will not be allowed to market its services or operate in Canada. Licensing information about a casino can be found on its website. However, all the online casinos listed on this site are licensed for Canada.

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Does the Online Casino support real money payment systems in Canada?

Trustworthy payment systems like Visa and Mastercard will conduct their own due diligence before allowing an online casino to use their real money payment systems. This, alongside the online casino license, increases the trustworthiness of the Canadian online casino provider significantly. Large intentional payment providers such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal will also often offer fraud protection and other guarantees or insurances, therefore you can be more assured you will be protected from bad faith players. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of your payment provider of choice to be sure you that you are protected. Overall, the more trustworthy and numerous the international payment providers that are associated with the online casino in Canada are, the better the online casino is.

Is the Online Casino Incorporated?

It was mentioned previously, but this is very important. Is there a company registered that represents the online casino in Canada? Can you check the company registry of the online casino? It is a major red flag if the online casino is not incorporated in one of the major online casino jurisdictions that can operate in Canada.

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Is the online casino website professionally designed?

If the first 3 criteria are fulfilled, the next thing to consider is, is the website professionally designed and up to date? You can check if it is up to date by the copyright date in the footer, which confirms that the website is being updated. Does the website have an SSL certificate, ensuring that the data there is encrypted? You recognize this with a lock or the word “secure” in the top left of your browser window. This is important, because when you conduct financial transactions, an encrypted connection ensures that hackers do not intercept your financial details.

Is there an interactive chat window to get support 24/7? This is a good sign that the website is managed by a professional team. Before you register you can ask questions and get answers about the technical or legal aspects. If the online casino supports multiple languages, that is also usually a big plus, because this confirms that they have a large team that supports a large body of global players. With this you can be assured you are going to have quality customer service.